Political “CV”

This page is more of an “optimistic” page than anything else. I haven’t done that much in the political world, but I intend to do a lot more in the coming decades. I would describe my life history as having been largely politically unengaged until the mid-00s. I then became a bit more interested, and was quite drawn to the Liberal Democrats. This draw was shattered very early on following their (2010) coalition with the Conservatives and their failure to live up to their pledge on tuition fees for Higher Education. Of course, I have since realised that “liberal” does not equate to “nice” or “socialist”. Then, after a few years of being against the whole notion of Scottish Independence I had a moment of clarity… a moment where I realised that actually all of my objections to this movement were arguments in support of it. You can read more about this here: https://drchriscotter.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/why-i-am-voting-yes-to-scottish-independence/ 

I flipped… I got engaged. And I promised myself that if the result of the 18 September 2014 referendum did not result in an independent Scotland, I would join the Scottish Green Party, who seemed to be the only party who almost 100% represented my views.

Fast-track to where we are now. I haven’t managed to be as involved with the party as I would like, but I have been delivering newsletters since early 2015, attending meetings where I can, done a little bit of canvassing, bough lots of merchandise, and – importantly, I think – worked for the party for 5 months (Jan-May 2017) supporting the Edinburgh branch to win 8 seats (up from 5) in the local council elections. I want to be involved more… but for now, let this be a placeholder… an optimistic placeholder… and I shall paste some of the videos I made as Campaign Support Officer below…

[Update: From February to April 2019 I served as a volunteer on the Campaign Board for a by-election in Edinburgh’s Leith Walk ward. I managed the production of the election leaflet, eve of poll card, window posters, A-board posters, and letters to voters, and produced some graphics and videos for social media. Our excellent candidate, Lorna Slater, came second (in a ward where we already have one sitting Green councillor) and we were all massively pleased with the Green swing, which bodes very well for 2022! Edinburgh residents are starting to realise that having a strong Green presence on the City Council really makes a difference. Chart of the by-election result below.]


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