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Freedom at dawn

My father – Rev. Dr Dr Cotter – penned these words on the arrival of Saoirse last month. It felt appropriate to share with the world…


On the birth of granddaughter Saoirse Patricia to Lindsey and Chris, 16 July

Freedom at dawn

The melody now gains a much-expected modulation,
A new key is sounded, embellishing ostinato figures.
Such urgent calls from tiniest lungs’ unique fortissimo.
The crows pause in sunrise cacophony,
Attentive to the bright unheard cadenza.
Long months of waiting, anxious anticipation
Of a little, little life, now needing nurture.
The fragile centre of all hope, all love,
Saoirse makes her bid for freedom –
Free to develop as her gifts unfold,
Free to be the vital focus of all joy,
Free to be herself amid the teeming universe,
And on its vast, and fathomless expanse
To stamp her little self, to leave a lasting imprint,
Touching the many lives, now intertwined with hers.
Strengthening their zest, relishing the bonds
That place them close to this their animating,
Exhilarating catalyst – elemental force,
Gently forging yet richer compounds,
Distilling, oxygenating our choicest isotopes,
Superseding all our binary paradigms
Through this new world, this perfect paradise of potential

Thanks, Dad. Beautiful.