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Scotland Census 2011 – 36.7% tick ‘no religion’

An initial breakdown of data from the 2011 census in Scotland is now available:

It shows, among other things, a decrease in numbers of  those selecting the ‘Church of Scotland’, ‘Other Christian’, and ‘Jewish’ categories. ‘Church of Scotland’, for example, is down 10% since 2001 to 32.4% of the population. All other categories show an increase. Most notable, perhaps, are the figures for those selecting ‘no religion’ –  up from 27.8% in 2001 to 36.7% (the current figure is around 25% for England and Wales).

Expect these figures to be discussed and debated ad nauseam in the coming weeks/months/years.

Thanks to Michael Rosie for the heads up! 

The Power of ‘Community’

‘to make general statements about ‘the Asians’, ‘the Jews’ or ‘the Irish’ reeks of disrespect, ignorance and even prejudice. Yet the same statements can be made to sound respectful and even solidary when uttered about the Asian, Jewish or Irish ‘community’’ (Gerd Baumann, Contesting Culture, 1996, p.15).